Tommy Young Outstanding Service Award

Photo of Tommy Young

Photo of Tommy Young

In the year 2000, the Student Center management team sought a meaningful and perpetual way to recognize outstanding student employee achievement each year. As the team identified various traits and distinguishing characteristics that they felt were important to acknowledge, the response to almost every attribute was, “…yes, just like Tommy Young,” a longtime employee of the Student Center.

Tommy Young exemplified the characteristics and dedication that are so important to the success of the Student Center. Therefore, Student Center proudly dedicates the center’s premier student employee award in his name.



The recipients of the Tommy Young Outstanding Service Award demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Outstanding commitment to the success of the Student Center
  • Tireless devotion to “making things happen”
  • Regularly going beyond the call of duty
  • Demonstrate a high level of accountability
  • Exhibit a devotion to customer service

Any student who meets the criteria below is eligible for this award.

Criteria (to be verified by the employee's supervisor after the completion of the form)

  • An hourly employee of the Student Center
  • Perfect attendance at training(s)
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Consistent adherence to dress code
  • Completion of FLAME assessment and professional development requirement
  • A nomination from a Student Center staff member (students or permanent staff)

Current Student Center student and full-time employees may submit nominations. An anonymous committee will review the nominations and select a winner.

The nomination form is available here and is due by 5 p.m. on March 4, 2022. The recipient will be honored at the Student Center recognition reception.

Year Recipient
2020-2021 Kaija Boddie, Building Manager

Kaija, a senior majoring in music education, has worked in the Student Center for the past 2 years and has established herself as one of the most dependable, responsible, and trustworthy employees. She quickly moved up the ranks from event technician to building manager, and she has very capably helped train new building managers. It is vital for building managers to be proactive and aware of the building environment and to observe and act on any issues or problems as soon as possible. Due to her quick thinking and actions, she was able to report a theft, identify the suspect, and get the return of the stolen item within the same day.

She exemplifies outstanding commitment to the Student Center by consistently volunteering to pick up shifts at the last minute or staying late without complaint or question. Due to her outstanding capabilities as a building manager, she was named as a representative to the Student Center Advisory Council, where she was elected chairperson for 2020-2021.

2019-2020 No recipient selected
2018-19 Phoua Thao, Student Center Administrative Office Assistant
2017-18 No recipient selected
2016-17 Samantha Jefferson, Information Center Manager
2015-16  Alexis Collier, Information Center Manager
2014-15 Amber Strickland, HR Assistant
2013-14 Chance Howard, Building Manager
2012-13 Dareja Finney, Information Center Manager
2011-12 Brandon Lowe, Information Center Assistant
2010-11 Jalisa Cruver, Event Technician
2009-10 Nathan Boyd, Information Center Assistant
2008-09 Christina Diamond, Event Technician and Aprial McCoy, Accounting Assistant
2007-08 Nicholas Carlyle, Building Manager
2006-07 Gereen Francis, Information Center Manager
2005-06 Edweina Stewart, Student Center Administrative Assistant
2004-05 Rachel Knowles, Information Center
2003-04 Shinri Nakano, Event Technician
2002-03 Sekou Amadou, Event Technician and Rob Landers, Building Manager
2001-02 Ebony Martin, Information Center Manager
2000-01 William Brown, Building Manager and Manjula Charles, Information Center Manager