Building Maps

The Student Center is comprised of two buildings, Student Center East and Student Center West, which are connected by bridges on the second and third floors.

Student Center West is also connected to the Urban Life Center and the University Bookstore Building, which houses the University Bookstore. Access to the Bookstore is available through Student Center West on the third floor across from Panthers Club.

See the maps below to help you navigate your way around the Student Center or download the Student Center Building Maps brochure from the menu on the left. Student Center East is indicated by SCE, and Student Center West is SCW.

Student Center Aerial Map
Student Center East, First Floor

100 Piedmont Ave. & Gilmer St. Entrance
101 Front Entrance (Unity Plaza)
102 Atrium Lounge
104 Ballroom Pre-function Area
110 State Ballroom
110A Court Salon
110B House Salon
110C Senate Salon
113 Building Manager
116 Lobby
120 Speaker's Auditorium
122 Courtyard Entrance
124 The Courtyard Food Court
125 The Courtyard Servery

Student Center East, Second Floor

200 Golden Key Board Room
205 Access & Accommodations Center
206 Multicultural Center
210 Main Lounge
211 Division of Student Success
Creative Services
219 Green Room
220 Student Center Building Operations
221 Student Center Media Services
222 Second-Floor Collaborative
Study Area
223 Second-Floor Lounge

Meeting Rooms: 201, 203, 207, 208, 216, 217, 218

Student Center West, Second Floor

250 The Signal
251 Neo Network (NeoN)
254 NeoN Studio
256 University Career Services
257 University Career Services
Creative Services
262 Cinefest Film Theater

266 University Career Services
Seminar Room
267 University Career Services
Interview Suite
269 Lactation Room
270 University Career Services
271 Album 88 WRAS-FM

Meeting Rooms: 258, 259, 260

Student Center West, Third Floor

356 Panthers Club
358 PantherDining Office
359 City Room

364 Panther Place Lounge
365 Campus Tickets

Student Center West, Fourth Floor

450 Student Government Association
456 Student Media Office
457 Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity
458 Muslim Student Association
463 Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
465 Tighter Grip African American
Male Initiative
467 Alliance for Sexual
and Gender Diversity
469 Religious Life
470 Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
471 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
472 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
474 Leadership Development
Seminar Room

475 Leadership Programs (Leadership Development, Greek Life, and Student Organizations)
478 Lead Team
481 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
482 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
483 Catholic Student Association
484 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
485 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
486 Jewish Life Center
487 Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority
488 Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity
489 Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority

Meeting Rooms: 455, 460, 462, 464, 466, 468