Commercial Solicitation

Commercial Solicitation

In order to maintain the academic mission of Georgia State University and to minimize interference with the efficient operation of the institution, commercial solicitation on a university-owned or controlled property (the campus) is governed in accordance with the following procedures. For purposes of this policy, the term commercial solicitation includes, but is not limited to, the selling or promoting of products, goods or services on campus to members of the university community by non-university entities. This policy shall not apply to fundraising activities (e.g., candy sales, bake sales, etc.) held by members of the university community or to token giveaways by significant sponsors of university events. Commercial solicitation directed at the university itself (e.g., concerning the purchase of university supplies and equipment) is governed by the purchasing regulations of the state of Georgia and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

Inquiries regarding commercial solicitation on the Atlanta campus of Georgia State University should be directed to Student Center Event Management unless the request is for the University Bookstore Building or athletic facilities. Inquiries for solicitation activities to take place in the University Bookstore Building should be submitted to Craig Lipsey, senior director for Campus Services. Inquiries for solicitation activities to take place in the Sports Arena should be forwarded to Brian Kelly, senior associate athletic director for external relations. Inquiries for all other campuses should be directed to Craig Lipsey, senior director for Campus Services.

Approved commercial solicitation is generally permitted in outdoor spaces in Unity Plaza (adjacent to Student Center East at the corner of Courtland Ave. and Gilmer Street), and all such solicitation activity must remain in the assigned designated area. Reservations for these spaces are made on a first-come,first-served basis with limitations on the number of days a vendor may be on campus. Requests for solicitation in the Student Center (as part of an event to held there) or other campus locations must be submitted in writing at least ten business days in advance of the requested date and must be approved by the senior director of the Student Center.

Inclement Weather: No refunds are given in the event of rain. However, if the solicitation is scheduled to take place in exterior designated areas, the university will make an effort to provide another commercial solicitation date if the solicitor calls before 11 a.m. the morning of the scheduled solicitation date. No rescheduling will be provided after 11 a.m., and rescheduled dates will only be offered in the same semester during which the original solicitation date was scheduled.

To request commercial solicitation space, submit an executed Commercial solicitation application and agreement, along with a non-refundable fee, to Event Management a minimum of three business days before the desired reservation period.

For more information, contact Event Management by email, by phone at 404-413-1870 or in-person in Student Center East, Suite 305.