Farewell, Hank!

Posted On October 9, 2018
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If you know of Hank Robinson, then chances are you have heard many great things. Most would describe Robinson as a kind and genuine hard worker. On Thursday, September 27, 2018, Robinson retired from his position as the Custodial Foreman for the Georgia State University Student Center.

In April of 2002, Hank Robinson began his long career trek at Georgia State University. He had fulfilled his service in the United States Army where he served in Operation Desert Storm. Robinson had previously graduated from Fayetteville State University in 1981.

“In 2002, my wife’s government job transferred her to Georgia. She soon found me a job at Georgia State University for a custodial position. I spent my first two years working the night shift, which was rough, but I pulled through. I was then moved up to the Custodial 1 position.”

~ Hank Robinson

Hank was promoted to Custodian III (a shift supervisor) prior to becoming the Custodial Foreman. The position called for him to oversee 12 Student Center custodians, plan their daily schedules and to help with the purchasing of sanitation products.

Throughout his time at Georgia State, Robinson has seen highs and lows. However, he always did his best to not let a dreadful moment amplify into a dreadful day. He would often be seen giving words of encouragement to student employees and the many students who frequent the Student Center.

“I loved seeing the wide-eyed freshman and watching their progression. I always try to give student employees the encouragement they need, because they are our future. I tell young people that no one can take away their knowledge.”

~ Hank Robinson

While Robinson enjoyed his position at the Student Center, in 2018 he decided to retire. His efforts as a Georgia State University employee had not gone unnoticed. Morris Floyd, a Student Center custodian who wanted to be sure that Hank knew how beloved he was, was instrumental in the planning of a retirement party to be thrown in Hank’s honor. Attendees at the party came from not just the Student Center but around campus and included, the Student Center’s senior director, Boyd Beckwith, the university’s vice president of Student Affairs, Dr. Douglass Covey, and Robinson’s high school sweetheart and wife, Brenda Robinson.

Amongst Robinson’s many skills are his ability to connect to students and coworkers on a personal level. When asked for advice to Georgia State University students, Robinson had this to say:

“I advise young people to vote. If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain about how this country is run. Students should stay motivated and always have their eye on the prize. Treat people with respect and love everybody!”
~ Hank Robinson

Robinson plans to spend the first two months of his retirement relaxing. Then he plans on getting a job as a school-crossing guard or helping to discharge patients from hospitals. His presence at Georgia State University will be missed.