Sustainability at the Student Center

Posted On April 9, 2018
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To honor Earth Day, the Student Center would like to showcase a number of sustainable projects that have been implemented in the last few years in and out of the facility. Many of the initiatives were funded by the Georgia State University Student Sustainability Fund in partnership with the office of Sustainability.

In the past 12 months, energy-efficient LED lights were installed in all public spaces on the 2nd floor of Student Center East. Another project included the installation of a bottle filling station on the first floor of Student Center East. Two new solar power charging tables were installed on the Urban Life Plaza. Not only can students charge their mobile devices, they can also use the reading light all while being blocked from the sun or rain.

These initiatives supplemented some older projects including additional exterior lights in Unity Plaza and interior house lights in Speaker’s Auditorium with energy efficient lighting. In each case, the new lighting sources are at least 50% more efficient than the fixtures that were replaced. The center has a total of 6 bottle filling stations. This allows students to fill bottles with filtered water while not adding to the landfills. Over the years, these machines have saved over 300,000 bottles from going into the landfill.

Other sustainable initiatives that the Student Center has implemented include newer energy efficient exit signs in the ballroom and recycling receptacles on every floor in both buildings. Not only are paper, plastics and aluminum being recycled, but also a toner cartridge recycle bin is on the second floor of Student Center West near the bridge to Campus Services.

Sustainability efforts have been noticed by others. Student Center West was recognized as a top performer in 2017 for Energy and Water Conservation by the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge.
Student Center staff will continue to do everything possible to conserve the precious resources provided by mother Earth.

More information about the Georgia State University Sustainability efforts can be found at