Spotlight Presents at 2015 Regional NACA Conference

Posted On October 2, 2015
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Four members of Spotlight Programs Board at Georgia State University have been selected to present at the 2015 National Association for Campus Activities regional conference October 1-4. Spotlight student affairs advisors Michelle Canales and Samantha Sepulski and student members Dimitri Bassey and Avien Gober will share their experiences with marketing, conflict management, and volunteer and team management with their peers.

Spotlight Programs Board is no stranger to NACA; its members have been attending the conference for about eight years and received seven prestigious awards last year. Spotlight beat out all other college programming boards in the Southern region and looks forward to another great year.

NACA focuses on programming, leadership, diversity and more. Those attending the conference will be able to gain deeper knowledge about planning successful events with help from professionals in the campus activities marketplace.

Spotlight’s student marketing director, Dimitri Bassey, says he recognizes that becoming stagnant and complacent are problems that can bring an organization down, and that he looks forward to gaining insight at the conference and bringing ideas back to keep Spotlight fresh and moving forward. Bassey will present on company branding and marketing an organization, using examples of Spotlight’s success. This presentation process is helping Bassey break out of his comfort zone and develop speech and communications skills to apply within Spotlight and other areas.

Bassey started as a Spotlight volunteer during his junior year at Georgia State. Looking back on his decision to become involved with the board, Bassey says, “My line brother told me about the position becoming available, and I took the shot. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.” He has been able to create strong bonds with fellow Spotlight members and directors and enjoys the family-oriented makeup of the Spotlight organization.

Samantha Sepulski, student affairs advisor, will assist Bassey in his presentation. Sepulski plans to use the trip as an opportunity to network and grow professionally. She expects the conference to provide a bonding experience for the Spotlight board, and for them to come back energized and ready to finish the semester strong.

Michelle Canales, student affairs advisor, says participating in conferences like NACA offer Spotlight members many opportunities for professional development. Canales will be presenting on conflict management, and she hopes the conference will enhance her ability to further assist not just her students, but those of other programming boards as well.

Spotlight’s vice president, Avien Gober, anticipates the conference will allow him to connect with other schools and programming boards to move forward in the field of student affairs. Gober has been managing volunteers and committee members for over two years, so his presentation will focus on maximizing the potential in volunteers and committee members, and provide tips and tools on how to successfully retain and delegate members.

Gober says his experience with Spotlight has been very rewarding and comments, “I have been very fortunate and blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization such as Spotlight. Because we are a great programming board and have always enjoyed success in all phases of programming, I want to let other school programming boards know the secrets to our success.” Gober took home the award for Best Educational Session at NACA last year and thanks Spotlight for helping him find his passion for student affairs and a career path for after graduation.