Off Campus

Off-Campus Clients

Located in historic downtown Atlanta, the Student*University Center at Georgia State University is comprised of two buildings, the Student Center and the University Center. The combined Student*University Center is a distinctive venue supported by quality, responsive services in a unique, urban university environment.

Our goal is to first serve the university community and, as possible, address the needs and interests of businesses and organizations unaffiliated with the university that want to host flexible, short-term professional or educational events in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our strong commitment to client services, combined with our competitive prices, will make your experience at the GSU Student*University Center a rewarding one.

Policies and Fees
Clients who are unaffiliated with Georgia State University may request space reservations in the Student*University Center if their events fall within the scope of the university’s mission statement and the Student*University Center’s mission statement. See Make a Reservation for information about priority scheduling dates.

Fees will apply for the use of space and for additional services.Clients whose events must be scheduled during hours when the center is closed will be charged an additional $100 per hour.

All unaffiliated events at which food will be served must be catered by GSU PantherDining. No outside caterer is allowed.

Requesting Space
Prospective unaffiliated clients must email written requests for space to the  marketing and conference services manager for review and approval. Clients should have event details in order prior to contacting the Reservations Office.

Please include in the written request:

  • Event date(s) and time(s) (access, start and end)
  • Space required (number of rooms)
  • Details of necessary room layout(s) including equipment and services
  • Sponsoring group and contact information
  • History of event and references of previous venues

Clients’ flexibility in terms of dates and space is highly encouraged. Unaffiliated clients who can schedule functions during down times on campus will benefit significantly in terms of space availability.

Approval Process and Payment
Once the event request has been approved by the Student*University Center Director, the following process will ensue:

  • A Special Use Agreement, Exhibit B form, and Event Status Request will be created.
  • A 50 percent deposit will be collected, and all paperwork will be completed.
  • A walk-through will be scheduled prior to the event to verify event details.
  • Three business days prior to the event, the final payment will be due.
  • The day of event, the client will arrive and work with the building manager to facilitate a successful event.

More Information
To learn more and to inquire about availability, please contact the Reservations Office at 404-413-1870 or