Event Planning

Event-Planning Resources

When organizing an event, a written plan serves as a map; it is important to have one from the very beginning. What initially appears to be an overwhelming task becomes manageable when tackled one step at a time.

The resources provided below are meant to assist you in clarifying your thoughts, establishing a timetable and tracking details, and coordinating your event successfully.

These downloadable documents require Adobe Reader to view.

The Audiovisual staff provides equipment, expertise and technical support for events held in the Student Center or the University Center. Technicians offer free audiovisual needs consultations and are available to provide support on the day of your event. Contact the Reservations Office, 345 Student Center, scucevents@gsu.edu, or 404-413-1870 to see how they can assist you.

Technical Support
Many events require an audiovisual technician throughout to adjust microphones, lights and video. The technicians will attend to any difficulty that you may experience during your event.

The Student*University Center reserves the right to determine whether or not an event needs an audiovisual technician. The cost is $15 per hour for each technician.

Equipment Rental

A wide range of top-of-the-line, high-tech equipment may be rented at competitive rates for events in the center. For a listing, see the Student*University Center AV and Equipment Rental Rates. This document requires Adobe Reader to view. To reserve equipment, contact the Reservations Office.

Free Equipment Demonstrations

If you see unfamiliar items on the equipment list, please ask for a free demonstration. An audiovisual technician will help you master new technology to make your presentation the best it can be.

Internet Connections
All reservable rooms in the Student Center have internet connection capability. In order to access the internet, your computer must meet the following criteria:

10Mbit (megabit) Ethernet through 10baseT port

Software Protocols
TCP/IP (Internet access, with IP address assigned through DHCP)

IPX/SPX (The GSU Novell Network)

All catered food served in the Student*University Center must be provided through PantherDining or an approved caterer. Please consider catering/set-up needs (e.g. serving tables, access time, etc.) when placing reservation requests.

Snack Food Waiver
Student organizations and university departments that would like to bring non-perishable food (not including food catered by PantherDining) into their reserved space must submit a Snack Food Waiver Request Form to the Reservations Office. (This document requires Adobe Reader to view.)

Food that qualifies for a snack food waiver includes foods not subject to temperature such as cookies, chips, donuts, bagels, and nuts. Beverages such as soda and bottled water are also acceptable, however beverages containing red dye are not allowed. Individual food items are not permitted in the Speaker’s Auditorium, State Ballroom, VIP Room (235 University Center) or the Golden Key Board Room.

A fee of $15 for special handling of this waiver will be charged if the form is submitted fewer than five business days prior to the event. Food deliveries and outside caterers are not permitted as part of the snack food waiver request.

Alcoholic Beverages
The use, possession, consumption, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages on any property owned or leased by the university is strictly prohibited. Only the president or his designee may make exceptions.

Requests for alcoholic beverage service in the Student*University Center must be approved through the alcohol review process. An Alcohol Request Form must be submitted at least 10 business days before the event.

Please refer to the Office of Legal Affairs website for the correct forms.