Commercial Solicitation

Commercial Solicitation

The Student*University Center Reservation Office oversees commercial solicitation on the Georgia State University campus. Commercial solicitation includes the selling or promoting of products, goods or services.

Six outdoor spaces have been allocated for commercial solicitation on the General Classroom Plaza, located between Pullen Library and the General Classroom Building. Reservations for these spaces are made on a first-come, first-served basis with limitations on the number of days a vendor may be on campus.

To request commercial solicitation space, a solicitor must submit an executed Georgia State University Commercial Solicitation Application and Agreement, along with a non-refundable fee, to the Student*University Center Reservations Office a minimum of three business days prior to the desired reservation period.

For more information, see the Commercial Solicitation Policy, Application and Agreement below or contact the Reservations Office, 345 Student Center, or 404-413-1870.

Solicitation Policies

  • Reservations for commercial solicitation tables can be made for a maximum of 10 days per semester.
  • One table and two chairs are provided to an authorized solicitor. No other tables, chairs or displays are permitted without authorization from the Reservations Office.
  • Rain locations are not available. In the event of inclement weather, the university will provide another date for the same semester if available.
  • Solicitors are responsible for obtaining all necessary governmental licenses and permits for distribution and sale of their product(s).
  • No product may be sold which duplicates or is similar to any product provided by the university without authorization from the Student*University Center Executive Director.
  • No product may be sold which uses the Georgia State University name, logo or images without prior written approval from the university and its licensing authority.