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Working at the Student Center is More Than a Paycheck: An Interview with Leeah Dollar

Leeah Dollar, Class of 2017

Leeah Dollar, Class of 2017 and former Student Center Student Employee

You are a recipient of a $10,000 French-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation Serge Bellanger Scholarship. What does receiving this scholarship mean to you? Do you believe your experiences with the Student Center contributed to your selection? If so, how?
For me, receiving this scholarship was a sign that I’m moving in the right direction and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I can see now that following my passion for the French language is going to take me to places I can’t even imagine and I’m very excited for this new journey. I believe my experience working at the student center, specifically as the Lead Administrative Assistant, helped my selection because it allowed me to be in a position of management at a young age. I was not only able to explain my achievements but also the challenges I had to overcome while holding this leadership role. If I didn’t have this position, I wouldn’t know how to create training that incorporates cultural awareness ..more >>

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