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SGA Election Results
Results are in for the 2015 Student Government Association elections.

Team IMPACT sweeps Student Government Association elections
Team IMPACT, a student-comprised political group, rocked the vote by securing a win for nearly every position in the 2015 Student Government Association elections. As this election season drew to a close, at least one vote was reeled in by each of the four unopposed executive candidates as the polls tallied 580 votes in total. >>> more

Spotlight/Campus Events merger increases student opportunities
The May 1 merger of Spotlight Programs Board and Campus Events will create new student leadership opportunities as well as increase program responsiveness to Georgia State University’s diverse constituents, including commuter students, graduate students and nontraditional students. Spotlight and Campus Events are known for their wide variety of programs for the university community. To continue this tradition of extensive campus programming, Spotlight has renamed committees and added new ones to its structure. >>> more

Spotlight Programs Board’s signature events include its annual spring concert, Pantherpalooza, which featured Trey Songz in April 2015.

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